Voting ended at: Dec. 28, 2018, 6 p.m.

Weight after voting: 24.17 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 h0n3yc4k3 cool

25 Rei_Fan49 I had learned more things and more unexpected things when i tried to see some CTF challenge in my boredom after several years not touching i

25 mikado Many diverse challenges. Very good

25 diego95root Really fun challs

25 serega6531 Interesting tasks

25 hhro GOod

25 strassi Nice Web tasks

25 yor lovely one

25 dr3dd

25 maro recommend it !

25 mkg great crypto tasks. Loved the ctf

23 Blaireau Great CTF

25 mazzabear Plenty of variety for most skill levels. Can't wait for another!

25 dchiquit Loved the crypto challenges

22 SnowGlobe_io A good CTF to finish 2018

25 kadzus great one

25 fsociety

25 ssbhat97 -

23 Gaspare *click* noice!

25 XxcoralloxX loved some of the reverse challenge

25 Elyrian Great CTF

25 alex700 Awesome ctf with a lot of tasks. Good variety of topics and difficulty levels.

22 HikJulu Lots of challenges. Variety of difficulties. Good suff!

25 bowork189 Very fun and memorable CTF

20 ssk497 One of the memorable ctf of 2018

20 itegulov A good variety of tasks but some of the web challenges relied on guessing too much

25 a1exdandy nice

25 sashz0r +1

25 2phi It was a nice one :)

25 terjanq nice ctf

25 Leofwin amazing CTF!!!

25 devyatka great one)

25 1MiKHalyCH1 Awesome!

25 Z0R1G7 Cool ctf ever. I'll wait next contest. Thanks for authors.

20 ker Good, but there were strange tasks and problems in work

25 Umall More then 50 tasks,good job

25 chaker Great CTF, loved the crypto challenges. Good job on handling the DDoS attack!

25 atooom This is their first time to organize an online CTF but they did it very well. Good Job!

24 keltecc GJ GJ admins

23 keltecc GJ ADMS

25 h0n3yc4k3 Fun

25 frodan nice

25 Alphagens Good One

25 r00t3r a fun long running ctf :)

25 securisec fun

25 hawkcurry Good clean CTF with enjoyable crypto challenges

20 yellowriver81 Good CTF with a lot of great challenges! Learned a lot, lots of math-based challs.

25 hongwei123 Awesome CTF, hoping more CTF like this

25 zst123 Great CTF with good mix of beginner and advanced challenges!

25 imatv Great CTF, amazing how the organizers handled the DDoS situation. Very very good challenges

25 alfink Fun CTF :)

25 noi We had fun, great ctf.

25 xaviermilgo awesome ctf, point awarding system was realistic.

25 flawwan Great and fun event! The only negative is that some web challenges was just pure guessing and no logic..

25 mr96

20 FeDEX playable