Voting ended at: March 24, 2019, 11 a.m.

Weight after voting: 24.96 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 drtychai well made challs, hard and fun

25 CerberusTeam good CTF, real fun

25 g3chantr good challs by not enough time

25 pyon787 good challs

25 adragos Great web and crypto

25 dapolinario Great CTF!

25 ret2jazzy great CTF

25 przemub Good teaser before CONFidence CTF!

25 crclark96 Really clever challenges, lots of good teams

25 Redford good CTF

25 bookgin The challenge quality and difficulty is pretty suitable for a 24-hour CTF. Definitely worth more than 25 points.

25 devploit nice CTF

25 Sud0_u53r Quality challenges. Nice website.

25 yuvaly0 good

25 paulch Great challenges. More than 25 points CTF for sure. The only pwn was nice tho

24 ValarDragon Well made CTF, problems seemed to be a bit on the easier side presumably due to it being a teaser.

25 joey Excellent CTF with difficult and varied challenges

25 VoidMercy Quality chals!

25 borysp Only one pwn :( Rest was nice tho

25 m3ssap0 Really awesome CTF.

25 terjanq :)(:

25 n4v5_n41n4 Grt

25 death-of-rats Thanks, It was fun and I've learned something new.

25 W3ndige Great challenges!

25 yuawn Good challenges.

25 Z0R1G7 13371337

25 S3v3ru5 Excellent Challenges..Learned a Lot

25 Lays good

25 yakuh1t0 :)

25 S1r1u5 Great Chals

25 S1r1u5 Great Chals

25 D1r3-Wolf Worth more than 25 points

25 page2me thanks you

25 page2me ok

25 dotsu Definitely worth more than 25pts

25 sces60107 Great CTF! It should be more than 25pts.

25 s0rc3r3r Zajebisty CTF! Beautiful infrastructure and challenges. Deserves weight boost!

25 avlidienbrunn good ctf

25 avlidienbrunn good ctf

25 0xbb Great challenge design (hard, to the point). No bullshit (no guessing) web challenges.Military-grade infrastructure!25pts are way too little

25 ZetaTwo Great quality challenges!