Voting ended at: April 11, 2019, 5 a.m.

Weight after voting: 18.99 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 -Bin good

25 danielcues Comments below sum up the ctf

17 x0r19x91 Easy

25 page2me good

25 page2me OK

25 Gaspare noice

25 X0r_D3v1L Some challenges were good. Some were pure guessing

24 X0r_D3v1L good

25 Ainz-ooal-Gown FUN

25 Foucan That's a great CTF to begin in CTF....

20 D4nPs had fun

1 noraj ENCRYPT CTF was one of the worst CTF of the year if not the one and it was mostly due to the very poor quality of the challenges.

15 Balrog404 funny one with nice admin !

10 f1u77y Guessing web and obvious crypto, but interesting stego/forensics

25 graneed Good challenges except guessing chall

25 stankc Had fun...

20 sqleto It was fun \m/

25 0xScie Nice

2 fsociety Too much guessing

24 Z0R1G7 It was fun.

19 erikskaar pretty good

18 ph0rensic well-crafted challenges

25 Kerozenn Crack-jack is a bitch !

25 _remsio_ Interesting one, I had fun working on this one

25 No-fix Quite random sometimes, but still learnt a few things. Not too hard, just enough time to get all challs.

24 _remsio_ Interesting one, I had fun working on this one

17 Cheeeeeeeeeew Really enjoyable, staff were helpful and responded fast, though the site had some issues sometimes

1 mr96 The worst ctf I've ever played... 100% guessing

20 Mem2019 pwn/rev challs are a bit too easy

9 x0r19x91 Rev, pwn were very easy

14 Aurel300 Mostly easy challenges, except for the very guessy ones

25 julianjm good enough

25 devploit fun ctf

25 danielcues Easy - Medium ctf

25 S1r1u5 Good

20 GDASL Good balance, sometimes a bit too much guessing

19 agayev169 Good for beginners.

25 Maybe Good CTF, had fun playing it, learnt some new stuff :)

14 stuxn3t Guessing challenges. Good for beginners but expected the challenges to be exploit driven instead of overly obfuscating them. Organisation wa

25 naveenselvan Exploit challenges are awesome!! Keep up the good work :)

1 Isopach Excessive guessing

25 ambrotd First one it was nice

20 mr_goron good challs

8 iamalsaher Easy enough rev and Pwn, others were too guessy

4 Gabies Too many easy or obscure tasks

25 green_panda999 Good ctf, except the web

25 mayankk32 nice one

15 s0rc3r3r Good challenges for beginners, except some guessing challenges. No downtime afaik, active admins, well organised.

25 CheYenBzh Fun one, except web part

25 matta very interesting and impressive challs, except some guessing features

25 k4k4 good

20 blackpearl Fun ctf . Good for begineers

18 zavinator great pwn and wifi cracking challenges for newbies, easy crypto and rev, some guessing challs (env, crack-jack)

25 alfink Fun CTF for beginners, some guessing involved

2 ssk497 Too much guessing

21 yakuh1t0 Too many guessy challs

15 Specter Some of the challenges were fun but some also had a lot of guessing. It also launched with some broken challenges. Pwns were fun but easy.

25 korami

25 Sud0u53r Somewhat guessy challs... But better luck for next time... Anyway learnt some new stuff ;)

25 ElSicarius nice one !

23 alb1or1x Great ctf for beginners, but some tasks are hard to solve without guessing

25 2phi A nice one :D. Thank's !