Voting ended at: Oct. 27, 2019, 6 a.m.

Weight after voting: 65.77 / 70.200

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


70 nomeaning It's fun

70 maritio_o Very good CTF!

70 zeromini cool ctf

50 vient nice

20 potetisensei as always

65 farazsth98 I expected some harder pwn challenges to be honest.. But sum was very unique and nice to solve :)

65 mystiz I just wanted more crypto...

70 Smerdis nice

70 Ripp

70 JSec g

70 H4MA hard

70 Smerdis nice

70 xelemental Got to learn a lot !

50 M0urn3r More crypto plz!

70 warlock_rootx nice ctf

70 j0n9hyun great ctf

70 j0n9hyun good ctf

70 V4bel nice ctf

70 JSec good CTF

65 theKidOfArcrania overall pwns and re's were ok, but there were a couple of guessy challs that was kinda annoying

70 TuanLinh good