Voting ended at: June 14, 2019, 7 p.m.

Weight after voting: 23.54 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 yellowriver81 Great ctf!

22 X_x funny

25 rizemon Enjoyable and challenging!

25 fkillrra Easy & fun CTF

25 defund probably the second best highschool-organized ctf

25 alfink Fun CTF

24 readme.ctf perfect for beginner's (like me :))

25 Alioth Very fun.

25 sqrtrev High Quality Probs and hard probs

25 ozapenguin very fun

25 cadsumi <3 p0isonp4wn

20 p4w fun ctf

25 magix great for beginner's :>

25 Xenesthis Nice

25 GDASL Fun ctf, good to learn

22 Kl4u5 Nice

24 tkmk great challs

25 stieben It's harder than what I thought for high school level

24 aryan-02 The level was slightly higher compared to PACTF but still fun for the school level.

25 tachy0n Awesome CTF. Had a great experience.

25 Grillette Lots of chall. Great CTF

25 Rockpelt enjoyed

25 Sud0u53r Liked the cppio challs very much

25 Sud0u53r ?

25 sechopgoblin Solid Jr. / Beginner CTF.

25 0xScie Goog ctf

25 Skyflan Learned a lot from this beginner friendly CTF!

25 dayrell Great

17 cbmhck3r nice ctf

20 P0is0n Pretty good range of challenges

25 SnowGlobe_io Very good challenge, Thank's a lot for this CTF

25 rok0s Very enjoyable CTF! Good challenges

25 RohanChacko nice

25 maritio_o Very good beginner CTF, enjoyed it a lot ^_^

25 saruul kk

25 green_panda999 Great beginner's CTF

25 streaker_rules gr8 learning

25 pomo_mondreganto Zajebisty

25 thegrandpew Its GOOD ALSO DONT DISS TUX

25 yakuh1t0 Nice

25 fkclai Good, learn from easy to difficult. It covered wide range skill

25 shiv_ka_ansh awsome...

25 X0r_D3v1L Good.

25 Rikirin Lots of fun and interesting challenges

20 wasamasa Good CTF, operations could have gone smoother

25 elhananhaenel amazing CTF!!

25 mrT4ntr4 Was Fun to participate

20 toblu Mostly good challenges!

25 ci69 Lots of interesting challenges, big thanks to the organisers!

25 hongwei123 Great CTF, good connection

25 Kuruwa Awesome

25 blackpearl fun ctf. kudos to HSCTF 6 Organizer

20 dgramop Lots of questions, good challenge

25 daninnm Very nice ctf

25 infuzion fun

25 TE5t5Am nice ctf

7 Z0R1G7 1231232323

25 k4k4 good ctf

25 warlock_rootx Nice ctf

25 kmh11 fun ctf

25 Mark89 interesting challs

25 semchapeu Great fun

25 axolotl fun

10 [deleted user] Very Good CTF Specially For Beginners...Gained A Lot Of Confidence From These

25 codacker Awesome ctf learnt a lot

25 rbhog Could have had a wider variety of chals

25 n4v5_n41n4 Nice

25 [deleted user] Great CTF For Highscool Students!

25 jonathanj yeet

25 D4mianWayne Great