Voting ended at: July 28, 2019, 10 a.m.

Weight after voting: 24.09 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 mystiz Quite cool.

25 ker

25 korami Not bad

25 andersongomes001 Nice!

25 dr4gen Great CTF!

25 protozeit Learned alot just from the baby and easy challenges

25 n0ps13d Fun CTF!

25 5h3rl0ck K1_W4L0

25 5am3 GG

25 sh4d0w58 great CTF

25 n0m4d great ctf!

25 axelmaker Great CTF!

25 kosong Great CTF!

25 bowork189 Fairly challenging CTF. I enjoyed all the challenges!

24 fsociety

25 Jh0n Very hard and cool!

23 dr3dd nice!

23 gr33n5h4d0w

25 MrPrototype GG

22 WGH Cons: almost missing binary exploitation, no IRC (only WeChat and Telegram, which both suck), one task even required Telegram account.

22 WGH I especially liked networking challenges.

25 M1doriya Awesome CTF. Responsive Admin . Overall Great CTF

25 Lbyte Nice!

21 ptr-yudai stable score server and good challenges. i hope there'll be some pwn challs next year.

25 clownfire Fun CTF

25 samirettali Nice CTF!

11 The_Tesla_Boy its kind of good trying to be realistic ,but lack of english support

25 b10s zbs

22 Soronbe Challenges were fun

20 itegulov it was okay

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf

25 blackpearl fun and c00l CTF. loved it.

25 n0n3m4 Much better than other contests in which I have participated recently. Doesn't mean it is perfect, but well worth 25 pts.

25 fl3x3dd zajebisy ctf

20 Ditooo fun ctf

18 cbmhck3r Nice

20 maskofmydisguise Intuitive Challenges, Nice framework!

25 gnx Network challs are always fun.

25 vladvis noice ctf

25 asterite Zajebisty ctf! -) Nice tasks, cool broad networking category

25 Internaut401 NICEEE!!

25 sechopgoblin Solid CTF. Many and Good challenges, Stabil services, Good information flow from organisers. At least 25 rating.

25 korniltsev fun one

25 sergey Awesome CTF!!!

25 alfink Fun CTF, but not enough pwn