Voting ended at: Sept. 29, 2019, noon

Weight after voting: 54.00 / 54.120

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


54 0xbb Like last year: zajebisty CTF! Great challenge design (hard and to the point). I liked the small number of challs and the 24h format.

54 jaybosamiya Really fun, creative, and interesting challenges!

54 Eternal zajebisty CTF

54 Frankitin1 One of the most amazing online CTFs I've ever done!

54 lionaneesh hard challenges. Loved the race condition bug and the apparmour exploit.

54 asterite Zajebisty CTF! Really liked "Looking glass" challenge.

54 pspaul nice and hard challenges, maybe more webz next time? :)

54 PewZ cool challenges!

54 Mem2019 hard challenges

54 poiko Very nice and hard challenges

54 michens Most creative challenges since Google CTF. Amazing CTF

54 bookgin need more web challenges

54 Xh4H Great challenges

54 nsr .

54 Nspace Great CTF, with some amazing (and really challenging) tasks!

54 ChiTran Very nice challenges

54 Pharisaeus Zajebisty CTF.