Voting finishes at: Dec. 8, 2019, 9 p.m.

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


49 n0n3m4 Thanks god pwn was not yet another heap overflow. Web was as always, but the rest was fine

1 pr0cf5 only 2 pwns, and both of them were of very low quality. (very obvious stack buffer overflows) Also a lot of challenges in the reversing cate

49 ndrixx Nice

30 mr.yellow cool*

30 mr.yellow coll

21 gnx There is room for improvement in some categories. No more guessing, please.

20 Boschko no more then a 20 for this one....

30 dsp25no a lot of guessing

49 Smerdis nice

49 Ziv00s3 a lot of guessing but good tasks overall

49 hack_at_ash many challenges are guessing and some are cool, still worth at least 50 (out of 100)

49 d90pwn undefined

20 bookgin Pros: dashboard design, responsive admin. Cons: much guessing, logic makes no sense, 36-hour CTF is unfair for my timezone

30 ptr-yudai the idea for challs were nice but the guessing part worsen the quality

49 sqrtrev Bathhouse was worst challenge I’ve seen. But left are okay.

44 sampriti -5 for ucucuga category, everything else was okay.

49 umfc a lot of guessing but good tasks overall

49 umfc a lot of guessing but good tasks overall

49 k4at3034 i could not play this time i was busy solving TUCTF :(. I did checked the challenges , it was quiet interesting but being single person i c

35 0xbb I only played the web category. Nice ideas but lots of guessing and black boxing :(. Please provide IRC additionally to Telegram.

40 terjanq Very mixed feelings. At one hand the web challs were great, at the other hand too guessy (blackboxing) and could be presented better.

45 vient re was pretty fun, although as Redford said pdf task does not make sense

10 Pharisaeus guessy/tedious/broken/wtf challenges. 100% pain, 0% fun.

35 Redford A lot of good challs mixed with guessing ones and problems with infra stability. Longer comment:

15 alfink only 2 pwn; much guessing (/dev/render/api???); hints 2 hours before the end; services often down; telegram was ok

35 WGH Support only through Telegram chat. Otherwise, pretty great.