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24 accla1m3d Interesting theme and some great OSINT

25 cadsumi we've enjoy the ctf. It's very challenging :)

25 rajebdev ntap

25 DorianMood Unusual tasks, interesting themes.

25 Black0ut interesting ics ctf

25 saruul (y)

25 uniff I had a very good time solving problems in Syskron Security CTF. Thanks to the administration :)

25 shiv_ka_ansh nice

25 kfcfatboi Learned a lot about industrial security, however; a lot of the stuff is just pure guessing

25 31n00 nice CTF

25 Cerberus Good ctf, but with a little too much guessing

25 Z3D Good CTF

25 Z3D Good

25 s111s This great challenges close to real situations

25 ayyy Great!

13 myst3r10 good ctf but to hard 4 me

25 sirnef Finally a ctf with something else than high level developers challenges... That was fun ! Thx.

20 localmost I liked it!

25 shiv_ka_ansh nice and interesting one

25 justinsilver Good ctf

25 0xf4b1 Funny challenges but too much guessing

25 ZetaTwo A bit special but def not worse than many other 25p CTFs out there. Infra and challenges working as intended.

25 steffin good

25 Chris5011 Very nice challenges (good Mix), best CTF so Far

25 Smerdis We had a great time working on the challenges

25 DROOPER Different challenges but very cool

25 Nexov nice CTF

25 Philogic Nice challenges. Good mix of easy and hard ones

25 Philogic Nice challenges. Good mix of easy and hard ones

25 zeromini nice challenge

25 ndrixx nice challenge

25 newbie_aa nice challenge

12 TTH Some nice challenges (especially for introduction level). But many required lucky guessing or hints (to avoid the guessing game)

25 rajebdev Ntap

25 umutoztunc Unusual but fun

25 sechopgoblin A different style of CTF, but an enjoyable experience

25 warlock_rootx nice ctf so much guessing

25 d3xf Pleasant CTF with unusual challenges