Voting ended at: April 26, 2020, 9 p.m.

Weight after voting: 36.40 / 46.560

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


46 brutale1602 good ctf!

15 cboin Good but too much guessing

35 yonlif Good challenges but guessy

7 MrPeck Very very very guessy...

40 lightspeedana Really fun CTF. Enjoyed the challenges loads and definitely returning next year!

41 TCPizza Great ctf

46 jammy

46 ataysec good ctf

42 stackola Good CTF overall, some challenges were a bit misleading (Morse, Dillz)

46 ypl Nice CTF, great PWN challenges

46 Quintec challenging

13 FOLKS-iwd should be 24 hrs

46 chitkara.abhi Cool

4 KOOLI ki sramkom

41 shirolepab really fun

46 Michael1337 Nice and hard

41 aenniw nice

46 tr4kj nice

31 ncryptedV1 All levels from noob to hard

46 katw3ll Good pwn

41 varandinawer Too much fun. Diffents levels from noob to hard.

46 L3o nice game

5 pcback guessing

6 olivato Too much guessing

40 Okami Fun challenges on different skill levels

7 streaker_rules

46 Hexer really fun

46 coreflood gr8

46 BlackWarriorXTN nice tasks

30 datajerk good pwn

46 Zarkrosh Some difficult challenges

46 shellxploit Great Challenging CTF

46 H4MA nice

46 [deleted user] Great CTF

7 syssec-bs Lots of guessing required; no hints (except 1 challenge); very short or no challenge descriptions

46 __beowulf__ nice

22 bigpick entire crypto category, static scoring, too gamey or guessin. less effort on Remy video games, more on actual challenges, nice mods tho

46 Al3x2 Nice CTF

43 dldygnl nice ctf challenging

46 BlackCoffee163 Fun and difficult CTF

46 t0mcr8se awesome challenges, hard steg and crytpto

46 SiteQ8 Thank you.

46 danielep Very fun CTF, the admins are nice and there were plenty of cool memes in the challenges. Good CTF for "experienced beginners"

37 Van0Jan Intermediate level tasks, cool CTF

46 Gimli Next year bring back the hardware section!

35 pedruti Good CTF

46 En1gma nice ctf

38 chitkara.abhi Amazing CTF! Intermediate Level Challenges :)

31 Akuma nice ctf

1 pomo_mondreganto guess linux & web

46 sorvast Good problems of all levels

46 Undvik Great challenges, especially pwn, but not an easy CTF

46 ElikBelik Great variety and nice challenges

46 0mr1 Very good ctf

40 grocid I have to agree with @Burgos1337, the linux challenges were really nice and I very much enjoyed them. I didn't like the crypto challenges.

1 [deleted user] That KDF crypto challenge

8 fl3x3dd PWN chals had really interesting ideas compared to guessy web, guessy linux, guessy crypto

46 _wh1t3r0se_ HARDEST Crypto

1 ctftimeadmin dafuq

38 p4w was fun

46 reminthink good

5 0rphan Didnt quite enjoy the challenges, were too guessy and even with that no help form the staff that could focus my solve.

46 iN4n0 The only thing i think about it is that the points given for each chall should be balanced. Few points for hard challenge and vice versa

46 F055il215 :)

37 Pepe Few challenges, was guessy but the organizers responded quickly. In overall it was a great CTF.

40 Pepe Few challenges, was guessy but the organiser responded quickly. In overall it was a great CTF.

8 Mystrite Unreasonable challenges which involved too much guesswork

46 warlock_rootx nice ctf

37 Infin Good

8 dldygnl kinda hard challenges especially for the stego part.

8 idan22moral Tons of guessy challenges, almost no admin support to back-up the guessy-ness. No idea why everyone is rating it so high, kinda sad...

46 DaKeiser Really nice challs

46 Burgos1337 Really well-thought linux challs:)

45 _Ph03N1X_ Cool CTF

33 c00p4rklynn it was hard