Voting finishes at: Oct. 24, 2019, noon

Voting is available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 kowu Really stable, nice challenges, fun to play! High Quality A/D.

25 manf stable A/D with great challs

25 kcotsneb as expected from Hackerdom: great CTF

25 TheNodi Great atk/def, lots of services, stable and no troubles.

25 markus Great CTF, many services, impressively stable

25 vient the best A/D i've ever played

25 neexemil Great job by Hackerdom!

25 dp1 Great organization for an A&D ctf

25 Redford Really impressive stability and reliability, rarely seen on A/Ds. Hope there will be a next edition!

25 rugonaut Best A/D so far!

25 vos To do doo do doo-do

25 vos Zajebisty soundtrack