Voting ended at: April 5, 2020, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 32.73 / 49.200

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


35 Adikso Some guessing but fun tasks

25 Adikso A bit of guessing...

20 ducks0ci3ty Too much focus on math

49 Al3x2 Thanks

35 keltecc nice webs

49 Rakabidasta

10 R3x Guessing + brute force challenges!

49 H4MA nice

5 V0lk3n Seem nice, but zero solve for me TOOOO brainfuck... no beginer/medium chall.. sad

5 V0lk3n Seem nice, but zero solve for me TOOOO brainfuck... no beginer/medium chall.. sad

49 mdaliakbar98 nice

4 ReverseBrain Unstable servers, brainfuck challenges and guessing flag

33 c0decaps good challenges but the flags have to be more obvious

49 jammy

45 zus0

15 Rodbert

20 _2can not great, not terrible

49 3la2kb Liked web challenges

8 shou too guessy, web unstable, and too few pwn

20 stuxn3t stego was full of guessing.

15 nikost unbalanced non dynamic scores, full ASCII brute force, guessy stega, no communication when web down because telegram instead of a proper cha

22 meowmeowxw Only one pwn task, reversing was ok and web was hard, one crypto copied. Too much stego/forensics, please add more pwn instead of guessy ch

1 sandelan :(

1 ODG Very slow and often down servers. Extremely difficult challenges with a very low score.

2 Heichou Unstable backend + guessing accounts steal flag + challenges was hard not medium + random distribution of points (hard challenges few points

10 baN0n3 Task stealing is not very well

1 Jafar The tasks were so unstable that we decided to not continue working on them

40 mr.yellow cool ctf

10 gajrajgchouhan guessy

10 ptr-yudai guess+brute force, unstable infra, no irc. +10 for a few normal tasks.

40 python4004 Do not consider playing with the Russians, if not a professional

49 CaptainFreak Tuff webs

20 Redford unstable infra, too much bruteforcing, guessy stego, "guess" task was reused

20 alfink previous ones were better. please no more stego/forensics

49 y12uN excellent tasks

20 ker the reverse seemed a little strange, the pwn was too simple and expensive

40 WGH Nice web challenges, some good reverse tasks. Only 1 bland pwn challenge. No IRC, only crappy Telegram.

45 anatomic Relatively good web challenges.

49 diveshuttam Good web challenges

49 wr3nchsr

49 ctfhacker2020 Solid web and reverse challenges

40 yor nice web challs, but problems with uptime and bruteforcish crypto

34 h4tt0r1 very cool ctf, I learn much about vbs reversing challenge

37 fsociety Less pwn, web was good. Some guessy challs.

49 ReverseBrain Very good CTF, no guessing flag, no brainfuck challenges

49 comrAde-FV it was difficult for me as a novice, but ctf is good

45 En1gma reverse are very hard for me, but next time it wouldn't be happened !!!

49 kaibro awesome web challenges!

35 fl3x3dd Nice web chals, pwn was too easy

49 reganel Awesome & pretty hard reverse tasks

38 zavinator Badly balanced points for challs, please use dynamic score!

49 TecatechAlpha Super cool tasks on web, especially netcorp and newsletter - the first one helped me to learn the basics of java webdev:)

20 hxp stego/recon are guessing (bad) by definition. flag format was a lie. very unstable infrastructure. pure web tasks were cool. please use IRC.

30 hellman crypto was a bit weird, only back seat was novel (and nice); I think previous editions had more cool homemade crypto

49 abcdsh Nice web chals

32 korniltsev Only one easy pwn with lots of points. Flags do not conform to flag format. Very hard to find author of the task or someone who can answer q

35 jamieh Lots of bruteforce, not enough pwnables, unstable

49 umfc I rate it pretty high cuz I wasn't supposed to deal with bruteforce on supercomputers

49 asterite Отличный CTF, здоровские таски, особенно порадовали шикарные веб-ы от @Black2Fan

1 _boggda lol)(

42 rnbwdsh 1. Require bruteforce in some challenges 2. Have other challenges that don't require it 3. They get bruteforced and become unavailable 4.

20 9b07c09897f13ed77a1cef50a5ad3f less bruteforce, more pwn please

25 nsychev some challenges were unstable or required guessing or bruteforce :(

1 SpaceCat if the organizers think that putting a brute in each task - the CTF has become cooler = they are wrong !!! and very much! It was the most u

40 ionagamed guess i'm dumb, but still a lot of bruteforce tasks :C

49 warlock_rootx nice ctf

10 HenryRozenttag BruteCTF + unstable services

1 pomo_mondreganto many unstable challs, "Guess" was taken from here:

39 Infin nice

49 [deleted user] good ctf, but almost brute ctf

6 archercreat BruteCTF

40 strassi nice challenges!

49 hongwei123 Tricky challenge

49 hongwei123 Tricky challenge

49 Leminkay pizdec

49 sampriti Great ctf!

49 JanKruse Nice Challenges, quite tricky

49 mdaliakbar98 niceee