Voting ended at: March 29, 2020, 9 p.m.

Weight after voting: 30.37 / 36.735

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


20 ss23 Reasonable CTF, simple challenges

36 ercument nice ctf

10 lupio unstable, bad crypto and web, guessing, weird dynamic scoreboard. good for 20 pts, vote to counterbalance

36 ph1nx Nice Ctf

36 V0lk3n Nice ctf

36 _MB_ Variety of challenges

36 anon_linux Muito bom o CTF, foi muito desafiador, espero que tenha mais este ano :)

25 lionaneesh Good for 25 pts ctf.

36 Shirajuki Good!

36 Shirajuki Good

36 wski Best CTF I've played so far

35 skuggen-corax good challenges

33 MaMGaD Nice CTF

36 zarar Nice one

30 s14ve Not bad at all! :-). Some challenges could really use an english proofread though.

36 0x31A good

36 Shad3 Really good CTF, the Infrastructure was OK, I've learned a lot , most of the challenges were IRL applied. C ya next year!

36 mleaph Creative, well thought out challenges. Was tough. Didn't solve much, but I learned a lot. Will definitely participate again.

36 hack-rohan nice ctf

36 ercument nice ctf

36 h4tt0r1 Very nice challenges

36 VIV1TAR enjoyed the ctf and learnt a few new things

36 tzelyk nice ctf

30 S1LV3R Most of the challenges was quite hard.

30 FeDEX for da pwns

25 TheQuickBrownFox Some web and rev challenges looked like other ctf challs, in counterpart pwn seemed quite challenging and great 'Cars' rev, congrats

25 TheQuickBrownFox Some web and rev challenges looked a lot like other ctf challs, in counterpart pwn seemed quite challenging and I think the idea of 'Cars' r

6 abdel Total lack of originality in the web tasks and other i've seen before in past competitions. Unstable. Interesting pwn.

36 patra easy

10 SIben Mostly guessy/bf-y challenges. Terrible crypto. Few interesting tasks.

36 F055il215 :)

30 ptr-yudai pwn tasks are fun. -3 for unstable challenge servers. -3 for guessing misc.

36 iliushin Nice web challenges

36 f4d3 nice CTF, very fun challenges :D

1 olivato ctf time weight manipulation

36 avl nice ctf

5 Fuiji_no_Hiroshima :c

36 katee Nice ctf

36 CaptainFreak Good Webs.

15 Pharisaeus Lots of guessing/bruteforcing challs, extremely unstable infra, only a handful of decent tasks.

15 aleksey85 a bit unstable and some challenges was copied from another ctfs

36 User1 good and quality event, rev chalenges was unusual, but fun end interesting)

36 chinchila very good challs, reversing was a bit different than expected but still good

36 hack-rohan had nice challenges

30 agayev169 Good CTF with quality challenges

36 reminthink Nice CTF

36 pcback good

35 En1gma rev so strange bro :(

35 shinmai Very nice event, a lot of variety in the challenges, and a lot of unique stuff, not just rehashes of old favourites. A+