Voting ended at: July 12, 2020, 3 p.m.

Weight after voting: 87.83 / 97.455

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


97 beny Very fun yet powerful CTF, we enjoyed!

97 bluefloyd .

97 pwntimmy Difficult

96 concolicC bad support, IRC is the worst, solved 7 Pwn and reverse after ctf, all great! thanks for not shutting down the server right after ctf

97 0xN1ghtR1ad I wish I had some teammates, challenges were great and I liked them, but not good for one-man teams.

97 EwerNeo Very Good CTF

97 nour thī̀ dī læa k̄hæ̆ng

97 marzhanoiid perfect

97 keltecc awesome tasks, as usual

97 arang goood ctf

97 kerz Great chall

70 stuxn3t Forensics was pretty bad. Last year's CTF had better challenges.

75 sampriti Good ctf but there weren't too many difficult problems.

70 defund I enjoyed it, but 90 points is inflated

97 sssctf Great as always. Waiting for the final.

97 Ghaaf It was great as always

50 SIben Nice CTF, but expected harder crypto challenges. Counter-balancing votes because a weight of 90 is just insane :)

50 terjanq The ideas for the challenges were not bad, but the challenges were insufficiently tested leading to lots of unintended solutions.

97 Wrth Great quality challenge!

97 d4rkoob Awesome CTF :)

97 suppapan gg

90 Aliga Very awesome ctf

97 bl4nk_5h3ll It was great and the support and communication was awesome

97 0x78 It was a great ctf, support was good, challenges were awesome!

97 Scepter Great CTF!

92 streaker_rules Nice challenges but I hate IRC personally

60 m3ssap0 Too many challenges, but nice ones. Lacked Discord support.

50 vishalananth Challenges were good, but a bit hard. Support was very bad and might have been better if there was a discord channel

97 sssctf Great quality challenges :)

97 warlock_rootx Best ctf, solved forensic and some web. web really awesome, sqrtrev challenge is always best. Next time add more forensic.

96 officialaimm Enjoyed and learnt a lot from the web challenges. Few suggestions: plz enhance displayin own rank/points in scoreboard and use discord. :)

95 iman4000 nice and hard challenges!

97 0xd13a Neat!

97 abhay Great quality challenges :)

72 ZTl

93 shou great quality overall! i agree with @mr96 tho

97 reloelf I like it, this was for the quals and I expected less difficult challenges. ASIS finals are occasionally very harder.

72 theKidOfArcrania Challenges/infra is better quality than prev years but not really hard in general, revs can be harder next year ;)

97 green_panda999 Fun CTF.

90 mr96 Too many tasks and some unintended. I prefer less, harder tasks. Scoreboard a bit slow. Overall very good btw.

97 FOLKS-iwd Amazing

97 icebrr

97 Aurel300 very nice challs all around of moderate difficulty