Voting ended at: March 29, 2020, midnight

Weight after voting: 24.42 / 25.0

Voting was available from the event start and a week after the finish.


25 KunGi zajebisty

25 shok спасибо за цтф

25 lionaneesh Really epic infra. We are still getting used to A/D ctfs

24 n3m351d4 Й

25 DrLafa Good infrastructure and tasks, the network was very stable

25 honululu Smooth CTF, interesting if slightly quirky services, memes were decent

25 Trolldemorted woop woop!

25 Killua Everything was very good

25 Killua So much fun

25 7ur7l3 good checkers, nice infrastructure

25 datajerk no prob with infrastructure, great scoreboard, good docs, simple flag submission, will do again

25 shok пасибо!

25 Mot Cool and broad challenges with funny references to Saarland, stable infrastructure and good documentation and support. Basically everything

25 oniisama Was a very good AD CTF. Network held up great and preparation was very easy.

25 Daniil159x crazy ctf

20 augustovich zajebisty, pls no more nginx services

22 F30 Good premiere, running very smoothly, some tasks were a bit weird (e.g. guessing the Gameserver's behavior in Lets' Schwenkrypt)

25 sechopgoblin Great A&D CTF. SaarCTF team really did a great job. Hope more teams will host A&D CTFs

25 Gaspare perfectly balanced, as all things should be. Also schwenker

25 staccah_staccah Good CTF

25 pomo_mondreganto high quality tasks and a really stable network

25 abcdsh zajebisty

25 fl3x3dd zajebisty

25 yor zajebisty

23 kukuxumushi Zajebisty CTF. Nmap is forbidden :^(

25 mvs Awesome AD. Good to be back to the old days

25 korniltsev отлично

25 0x4d5a-ctf Super stable and fun challenges

25 keltecc nice challenges, stable infrastructure. can't wait for next year!

25 kowu War gut!

25 leoluk 1 guter CTF

10 rugonaut Tasks were ok. Nothing really interesting or creative. We got banned for using to many requests, just because orga screwed up logging :D

25 vient sehr gut

25 pspaul gut diese

25 vos gut

25 bennofs Nice CTF, liked the challenges and stable platform/network. Also services worked out of the box from start, which is not always the case for