We need your cooperation!

CTFtime is for team competitions only! If your competition implies the participation of individuals we can't list it and post the scoreboard.
If your event lasts more than 5 days - there will be no rating points for the event.

If you're organizing a CTF event and want it to be added to CTFtime, please, send us the following event information (english only!):

After it we can provide the CTF management interface for your team, so you can update your event information by yourself.

Please, use this form.

CTFtime can act as OAuth2 auth provider for your event. Read more on details and configuration examples.

Please, send us your scoreboards in the following format.

Also you can provide JSON feed of your CTF scoreboard, so we can update information at CTFtime in realtime. At the moment this feature is in progress.

P.S. Organizers of CTFs without scoreboards or that who not published/provided final scoreboard don't get any rating points.