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It is Monday and you are sitting in your chemistry class (what a giant waste of time). While barley awake and still intoxicated from your epic weekend adventure you are trying to follow what the hell the guy in front is talking about.

After sitting there for a while and feeling like shit. Oh boy the alcohol. Your classmate -- that arrogant prick, who's the favorite of every teacher -- asks you how the studying is going. All you could think of in this moment is "Wtf, have you looked at me, does this look like I've been wasting my time studying for this garbage?!" But then it hit you, FUCK!, your chemistry exam is coming up in three days and you obviously didn't do shit!

Suddenly completely awake you are trying to figure out how to get out of that mess. But actually studying is not an option ... But then you get an idea: Your chemistry teacher is also your computer science teacher and you heard rumors that his webskills suck. In computer science last week, you got the assignment to program an online course creator (piece of cake) BUT he also gave out a binary as an example which is also running on his own private server where he tends to keep all his tests, grades and everything a lazy student like you would love to get his hands on!

All you can think of right now is JACKPOT!, let's see if his C skills are as good as his Web skills. Your goal is to get a shell on the server -- it might help you out with your dilemma.

Download: Course Creator
Service: nc 1520

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