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Our informant John has discovered that the access key for the murder request system changes on every new death carried by the Club. The key is the MD5 of the name of ALL the deads until now, in the order they were inserted in the database, and without including any separator between the names. Find the access key to allow our rebel group to shutdown the system. They use a "Bathing and Grooming" website as a cover: https://welovepets.pwn2win.party. The flag must be entered in the format CTF-BR{MD5-of-ALL-the-names}.

Bonus (+300 points): For those who, once they discover the table which contains the names, are able to obtain the MD5 making a maximum of 15 HTTP requests to the website server. Show your complete resolution (including > sourcecode) to a judge in order to prove you needed 15 requests or less.


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