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We need your help. Our agent found some details about a huge conspiracy. Looks like they wanna plant a bomb near the Oktoberfest's main fairground ride. But we have a good chance, to get the defusing-password. That's where you have to jump in. We managed to steal the encrypted password along with a decryption file. Our agent also started to work on it, but one of the robots caught him and now we are left-behind with his infos.

He found a collision on the real password but wasn't sure, if he can use that one. But, here is it: “Le1sRI6I” - perhaps you have better luck. He also found out, that the robots only use alphanumeric characters and that the collision is of the same length, than the real password. The last thing he told us is, that the defusing password must contain only printable characters.

Hope that helps you! And now hurry!

Here is your challenge: https://ctf.fluxfingers.net/static/downloads/geiers_lambda/pwd_check.hs


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