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The robot forces modified our beloved Breznparadisebackmaschine. This machine stores our secret, traditional Brezn recipe. Yet, we forgot the last secret ingredient and cannot access the Breznparadisebackmaschine anymore. However, Brezn are crucial for our party, as only paradise Brezn provide us the nice and warm feeling in our guts.

We need you to recover the important ingredient! Here is everything we could remember from the recipe:

For The Dough

1 kg Plain White Flour (around 9 - 12 % protein)
260 ml milk (lukewarm)
260 ml water (lukewarm)
80 g Butter (unsalted)
1 tbsp malt extract (liquid or dried, or brown sugar)
2 tsp fast action dried yeast (or 42g fresh if using)
2 tbsp Salt (unrefined)

For The Finishing Solution

1 L Water
3 tbsp Baking Soda (or lye if your using it)

Secret Ingredient

Please, we need to know that ingredient to make everyone happy again!
Brezelparadisebackmaschinefirmware: Windows 2012


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