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Newark Academy CTF 2019Loopy #0 read writeup
Newark Academy CTF 2019Format #1 read writeup
Newark Academy CTF 2019Loopy #1 [500]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2019baby_boi [50]read writeup
redpwnCTF 2019HARDMODE [50]read writeup
redpwnCTF 2019Bronze Ropchain [50]read writeup
redpwnCTF 2019rot26 [50]read writeup
Security Fest 2019Baby2 [180]read writeup
Security Fest 2019Baby1 [146]read writeup
Harekaze CTF 2019Baby ROP 2 [200]read writeup
CONFidence CTF 2019 TeaserElementary [57]read writeup
Square CTF 2018C1: dot-n-dash read writeup
Square CTF 2018C3: shredded read writeup
Square CTF 2018C8: captcha read writeup