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## 121 ghettohackers: Throwback ##


**Files provided**

- `text`


The `text` file contained:

> Anyo!e!howouldsacrificepo!icyforexecu!!onspeedthink!securityisacomm!ditytop!urintoasy!tem!


Naturally my first instinct was to fill in the missing letters. So, filling in the blanks, we get:

> Anyone who would sacrifice policy for execution speed thinks security is a commodity to pour in to a system!

The letters we filled in were `nwltisoos`. This doesn't really look like anything and it was not the flag. The description and the title of the challenge hinted at DEF CON CTFs from a long time ago. I assume this sort of challenge was indeed part of an old CTF, but I couldn't find it. Searching for the quote itself was not successful either, there was no exact match for this sentence.

In my text editor the text was laid out like this:

n w l ti s o o s .

So I focused on the blanks between the filled-in letters. Counting the number of spaces between each blank (and the beginning):


And, substituting 1 for A, 2 for B, etc, and 0 for a space, that gives us the flag, `dark logic`.

Original writeup (https://github.com/Aurel300/empirectf/blob/master/writeups/2018-05-12-DEF-CON-CTF-Qualifier/README.md#121-ghettohackers-throwback).