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> Agent Smith got this from Mr. Reagan, a EMP was activated nearby, or?

**Files provided**

- `mrreagan.tar.gz` - containing `mrreagan`, a disk image


After mounting the image, we see that it is an NTFS filesystem. We can see the `$RECYCLE.BIN` folder, the `System Volume Information` folder, but also an `EFSTMPWP`. If we search for `EFSTMPWP`, we [find](http://www.majorgeeks.com/content/page/what_is_the_efstmpwp_folder_and_can_you_delete_it.html) it is an artefact of using Cipher on Windows to erase data from empty space on a filesystem, thereby making it irrecoverable (unlike just unlinking a file). So this would be the EMP that the challenge description mentions. But the description also has a question mark!

We can open the image in [Autopsy](http://sleuthkit.org/autopsy/index.php), always useful for Windows forensics. And indeed, there are some orphan files:



All of these show some ASCII data that looks quite like Base64. One of them in particular produces `sctf{` after decoding, so clearly this is the right direction. But some of the others produce garbage? Let's extract the five files.

$ cat export/*
$ cat export/* | base64 -D

And now it works. The problem was that the Base64 data first needed to be concatenated, then decoded, otherwise the decoded bits were offset.