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[original writeup](https://github.com/shiltemann/CTF-writeups-public/blob/master/IceCTF-2018/writeup.md#steganography-400-rabbit-hole)


Here's a picture of my favorite vegetable. I hope it doesn't make you cry.



After a lot of experimenting, we find out we can uncover a hidden message from the image using steghide:

$ steghide extract -sf rabbithole.jpg
Enter passphrase: <onion>
wrote extracted data to "address.txt".
whoo! contents of the file `address.txt` is:


might be an `.onion` link? Opening `http://wsqxiyhn23zdi6ia.onion` with a tor browser (or via https://onion.link/) gives:


We find nothing in the images, but after some hints we find that the chinese characters are [base65536](https://github.com/Parkayun/base65536)

# pip install base65536

import base65536

with open('rabbithole_characters.txt','r') as f:
ct = f.readline().rstrip().replace(' ','')

with open('rabbithole_out','wb') as f2:

which turns out to be an epub on cell phone hacking. Searching the contents for the flag gives it to us