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# Tokyo Westerns CTF 4th 2018: vimshell

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## Description
Can you escape from [jail](http://vimshell.chal.ctf.westerns.tokyo/)?

## Summary
Go to flag file, **./flag**, with **(CTRL+W, F)** shortcut in *vim* connected app

## Flag

## Detailed solution
Opening the given web application in default browser(*Vivaldi*, in my case), we observe that it is a **xterm.js** app, connected with **terminado** to a server terminal, where is opened vim app.
It is showed the `git diff` command’s output for a configuration file in Vim(*normal.c*, that realize the keymapping). So the *nv_colon*(":"), *nv_exmode*("Q"), *nv_g_cmd*("g") keys are simply unfunctional, by commenting the coresponding lines.

diff --git a/src/normal.c b/src/normal.c
index 41c762332..0011afb77 100644
--- a/src/normal.c
+++ b/src/normal.c
- {':', nv_colon, 0, 0},
+ // {':', nv_colon, 0, 0},
- {'Q', nv_exmode, NV_NCW, 0},
+ // {'Q', nv_exmode, NV_NCW, 0},
- {'g', nv_g_cmd, NV_NCH_ALW, FALSE},
+ // {'g', nv_g_cmd, NV_NCH_ALW, FALSE},
"/vimshell.patch" [readonly] 31 lines, 1124 characters

We try to use *ZZ* shortcut, but it doesn’t close vim, but the connection with server. Another shortcut that can be used is **(CTRL+W, F)** to open a file in split-screen mode. We delete the *CTRL+W* shortcut from browser close tab shortcut’s list(in *Vivaldi*, *Setting->Keyboard->Tabs*).
After that, we return to application and press **i** key multiple time. Passing some swap errors, we enter to insert mode and type `./flag`. We exit this mode with *ESC* key and test the *(CTRL+W, F)*, which show the flag file.

## Another solutions
We can type **K** on diff keyword to enter the *man mode of vim* and then **!** for *command mode in man*. So that we have hash, we can simply `cat /flag`.

Original writeup (https://github.com/iosifache/CTF-writeups/blob/master/misc/vimshell/writeup.md).