# RobotsVSHumans
### (Junior - 1pts)
> Find you flag on this website..

> Target: [https://robots-vs-humans.dctfq18.def.camp/](RobotsVSHumans.html)
When the link is opened it seems like a regular link nothing suspicious

But, the title of challenge was clearly indicating to look for robots.txt

On looking at that we [get](robots.txt)

Now, the question came up what other .txt files are generally available or what other response could be after modifying user-agent

After lots of fruitless strokes, it struck could there be file for humans like it's for robots

And, there it was with [flag](humans.txt)

Flag: DCTF{1091d2144edbffaf5dd265cb7c93e799c4659eb16ee79735b3bd6e09dd6e791f}

Original writeup (https://github.com/Lunarantic/CTF_writeups/tree/master/defcampctf/RobotsVSHumans).