# PasswordPolicy
### (Junior - 1pts)
> Can you guess this extreme password?

> Target: [https://password-policy.dctfq18.def.camp/](password-policy.dctfq18.def.camp.html)

On checking link's page-source there is an internal JavaScript

It checks the value in input of Password for length to be greater then 1337

And, the form which contains the inputs is making a post call to the same page itself

Hence, appropiate first step seems to be sending a post call with lesser length to check whether is it just client side validation or is there any on server
>> import requests
>> requests.post('https://password-policy.dctfq18.def.camp/', data={ 'user':'admin@leftover.dctf', 'pass':'password'}).text
After sending above data we receive our flag there itself

*This challenge would have required to be password cracked after bypassing the JS it just was sheer luck that sending password as pass gave the flag, it was meant be just a test to know server responses before automating*

Flag: DCTF{db95ace20ae3972f87d758a3724142ae93735c442a8482f9717fe4a9bb94d337}

Original writeup (https://github.com/Lunarantic/CTF_writeups/tree/master/defcampctf/PasswordPolicy).