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# History
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## Description

>The faculty of PWN history put a quiz online.
It involves several important characters of fiction, technology, business and music.
Watch the video and then name the protagonists [here](http://namegame.uni.hctf.fun/).

The link contains a form with 9 pictures and ask you to enter the name of the person/thing in each image.

## Solution
This is the less tecnical task of the CFT and we managed to solve it with some knowledge and lots, **lots** of googling (actually a lot of *duckducking*).
This is how we got each image:

1. We knew from the video he's *Claude Shannon* but inserting the word *Shannon* gives *Invalid* result. So after some looking in his wiki page we found [this](https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Shannon#/media/File:Theseus_Maze_by_Claude_Shannon,_1952_-_MIT_Museum_-_DSC03702.JPG) photo representing almost the same rat, named "*Theseus Maze by Claude Shannon*". So the correct word to insert was *Theseus*.

2. It's something about Macintosh so guessing *Jobs* was enough.

3. No idea who he is, but in the video he is called "*dr Wiesner*" by the other man.

4. He's the CEO of Amazon, *Jeff Bezos*.

5. He's *Bill Gates*

6. No idea what this is, we didn't managed to solve this.

7. Searching some of the phrases he says in the video I found his name - *Selfridge* - in a paper titled *Towards an Ethical Framework for Strong AI*

8. It's *HAL9000*

9. Again no idea who they are, just found the solution using shazam.

Once 8 of the 9 inputs are correct the flag is printed out and it contains an amazing easter egg: ***flag{[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ycx9hFGHog#Y0u_d0_kn0w_h1st0ry](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ycx9hFGHog#Y0u_d0_kn0w_h1st0ry)}***

Original writeup (https://github.com/draane/CTF/tree/master/PWN_CTF_2018/History).