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## Lazy dev - Web challenge (400 points)

The final web challenge with a link: http://fun.ritsec.club:8007. Hmm it takes us back to *The tangled web* challenge.
At first, I was thinking that it was a mistake, but after reviewing all pages I crawled, I saw a comment which lead us further.
Comment was found in http://fun.ritsec.club:8007/Stars.html and it goes like this:


So I went to http://fun.ritsec.club:8007/devsrule.php and I am welcomed with:
Not what you input eh?
This param is 'magic' man.
Well, it is said that the parameter is *magic*.

I started poking around and after a while I finally figured out that it is LFI to RCE !
We have to use **php://input** wrapper !

I intercepted the GET request with Burp Suite and changed to *_POST /devsrule.php?magic=php://input HTTP/1.1_* .
Next thing was to add POST data so I ran `````` and I got this response:
**Not what you input eh?
This param is 'magic' man.

uid=33(www-data) gid=33(www-data) groups=33(www-data)**
Next step was to find the flag. With simple poking around we found our flag in *_/home/joker/flag.txt_*

To read flag we execute `````` and we got flag in response!


Original writeup (https://github.com/m-veljkovic/Writeups/blob/master/RITSEC/Lazy%20dev.md).