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## Professor Plum's Ravenous Researcher - Web 474:

**Description:** Professor Plum is hiring! Maybe you can get the job!
**Difficulty:** Medium
**Solved by:** Tahar

That was the hardest challenge between all WEB Challenges!! Took too many hours to get it done :-3
We open the URL as we used to do with **Web Challs**. Following the redirections we get into this page: ****. I've received a hint from an Organizer, saying that I must link the other web challs names to solve this one and do more OSINT!!. And now, ideas started getting into my mind =)

Googled too many times about the names of the other web challenges, and I found out that it is a **Clue Board Game**. And that's the official WikiPedia page that helped me a lot to get this challenge done:

Since, the challenge is talking about the locations, so I went directly to the **Rooms** section! ```billiard room``` was the right location!! It worked and now the page is saying something else!! Now, I started overthinking!

I thinked about running BurpSuite so I can play with that WebApplication the right way ;-)

I started getting angry and frustrated and damn tired and sleepy (It was 4AM), I just noticed that there is a parameter being sent to the server with the **Cookies Value: 0**. What I did is that I just changed that cookie parameter from 0 to **1** and boom it worked!! Finally x'D


Original writeup (https://github.com/ImperiumCTF/Writeups/blob/master/TUCTF%202018/Web/Professor_Plum's_Ravenous_Researcher.md).