Tags: radare2 symbolic_execution reversing re angr 

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# Description

I hope you do not need more than three lines of python to solve this.

# Solution

I got a binary and the hint that it is solvable with the symbolic execution framework "angr".
After using taking a small overview with r2 I figured it only had two paths, one which lead to ":)" in stdout and multiple jumps to ":(".

So I used angr to search for ':)'

import angr
import claripy

proj = angr.Project('angrme')
simgr = proj.factory.simgr()
simgr.explore(find=lambda s: b":)" in s.posix.dumps(1))
s = simgr.found[0]

Flag: hxp{4nd_n0w_f0r_s0m3_r3al_ch4ll3ng3}

Original writeup (https://github.com/sw1ss/ctf/tree/master/2018-12-09-hxpCTF2018/angrme).