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After viewing the source code at it show a function named submitAnswer. The source for that can be found at view-source: It shows that it only really checks for 4 things to disqualify an answer:
1. Response has a question mark in it.
2. Less than 1000 character response
3. Jibberish
4. Answer posted in less than 30 sec.

If none of those critera are met, it then goes on to check if the response has it's own property. If it does, it counts it as a valid response, and you move on to the next question.
With this in mind, if the question was "Now, please proceed. Keep in mind that we are looking for someone likely to like historical movies." I would copy the section: "to like historical movies" and tack it on to a whole bunch of "This is a test. " till the character count was 1000 and hit submit. My response would look something like: "like historical movies. This is a test. This is a test. This is..."
Just keep posting responses in this fashion untill the counter reaches 0 and you'll get the flag!