# Dirty Validate(Web)

Hi CTF player. If you have any questions about the writeup or challenge. Submit a issue and I will try to help you understand.

Also I might be wrong on some things. Enjoy :)

(P.S Check out my [CTF cheat sheet](https://github.com/flawwan/CTF-Candy))

![alt text](img/1.png "Chall")

![alt text](img/2.png "Chall")

![alt text](img/3.png "Chall")

![alt text](img/4.png "Chall")

![alt text](img/5.png "Chall")

![alt text](img/6.png "Chall")

Here we try each user until we find the correct one :)

![alt text](img/7.png "Chall")

Original writeup (https://github.com/flawwan/CTF-Writeups/tree/master/neverlan2019/dirtyvalidate).