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# Quals Saudi and Oman National Cyber Security CTF 2019 – I love images

* **Category:** Digital Forensics
* **Points:** 50

## Challenge

> A hacker left us something that allows us to track him in this image, can you find it?
> [https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/hubchallenges/Forensics/godot.png](https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/hubchallenges/Forensics/godot.png)

## Solution

This is a steganography challenge.


Opening the image with an hexadecimal editor will reveal a strange content at the end.


The string is encoded in base32, decoding it will reveal the flag.


Original writeup (https://github.com/m3ssap0/CTF-Writeups/blob/master/Quals%20Saudi%20and%20Oman%20National%20Cyber%20Security%20CTF%202019/I%20love%20images/README.md).