# Rick Roll Do Not Listen (Grab Bag)

![alt text](imgs/1.png "Challenge description")

## The challenge
The download gives us an audio file which is well.. what the title says..

![alt text](imgs/file.png "file")

After listening, looking at the file's data, and considering the title this is probably a steganography-challenge. Lets look at the file with the stegonagraphy tool _steghide_

![alt text](imgs/steghide.png "steghide")

Bingo! Looks like we used the right tool and found an embedded file called flag.txt. Lets extract it.

![alt text](imgs/flag.png "flag")

Original writeup (https://github.com/Grassonion/CTF/tree/master/mitrestemctf2019/Rick%20Roll%20Do%20Not%20Listen).