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# STEM CTF Cyber Challenge 2019 – Nyan

* **Category:** Grab Bag
* **Points:** 50

## Challenge

> Nyayanayanayanayanayanayanayan
> ssh ctf@

## Solution

Connecting in SSH will trigger a wonderful 8 bit *Nyan Cat* representation.

The flag is probably hidden in the data flow. To intercept it, the data exchanged with the server must be analyzed.

A [Python script](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m3ssap0/CTF-Writeups/master/STEM%20CTF%20Cyber%20Challenge%202019/Nyan/nyan.py) can be written to help on this.

import re
from pwn import *

l = listen()
shell = ssh(host="", user="ctf", password="ctf")
sh = shell.run('sh')
while True:
received = sh.recvline()
if "MCA{" in received:
x = re.findall("MCA\{.+\}", received)
print x[0]

The flag is the following.


Original writeup (https://github.com/m3ssap0/CTF-Writeups/blob/master/STEM%20CTF%20Cyber%20Challenge%202019/Nyan/README.md).