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# Pick-Tac-Toe

Web | 75 points

To solve this challenge we must beat the computer at tic tac toe.
It's impossible to beat a properly written computer, so instead
you have to hack it.

First we notice that when we click a square, a form is submitted to
`/move` with the location of the square (`l`, `c`, or `r` for the row,
and `u`, `b`, or nothing preceding for the top, bottom, or center rows respectively).
For example, the center square is just `c`, and the top left square is `ul`.


<form id="form_ul" method="POST" action="/move"></form>
<input type="hidden" name="move" value="ul">
<td id="ul" onclick="$('#form_ul').submit()"> </td>

<form id="form_u" method="POST" action="/move"></form>
<input type="hidden" name="move" value="u">
<td id="u" onclick="$('#form_u').submit()"> </td>

<form id="form_ur" method="POST" action="/move"></form>
<input type="hidden" name="move" value="ur">
<td id="ur" onclick="$('#form_ur').submit()"> </td>


The thing stopping us from clicking on an already submitted square
is simply that the form does not exist.

![Pick Tac Toe Board with some squares filled](https://quintuplecs.github.io/BSidesSF2019/img/web/picktactoe1.png)

We can try resubmitting a already filled square (the center square above) to get three in a row.
$.post("/move", {

It works! The server returns the flag once we run this in the console.


Original writeup (https://github.com/quintuplecs/BSidesSF2019/blob/master/web/picktactoe.md).