Tags: forensics base64 apktools mobile android 


Orignal writeup: [here!](https://www.abs0lut3pwn4g3.cf/writeups/2019/03/05/bsides-ctf-Blink.html)



Get past the Jedi mind trick to find the flag you are looking for.

We are provided with a blind.apk file.

On installing the app on a mobile, we see this:

![mobile ss](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Eshaan7/BSidesSF_CTF_2019_datadumps/master/50_blink_COMPLETE/appMobileSS.png)
Then I used apktool to decompile it.

apktool d blink.apk

Going into the smali folder created by apktool


There’s a `r2d2.smali` file. Inside there’s a string of base64 encoded image.


I saved the string to `blink_r2d2.txt`

cat blink_r2d2.txt | base64 -d > flag.png

On decoding the base64 string, and we get an image and the flag.


Original writeup (https://www.abs0lut3pwn4g3.cf/writeups/2019/03/05/bsides-ctf-Blink.html).