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## Challenge description:

An oddly yellow cat handed me this [message](https://github.com/TheEquus/angstromCTF2019-Writeups/blob/master/misc/project.json) - what could it mean?
## Solution:

We are given a file called 'project.json'. Whilst at first the data was confusing, upon looking at the raw data, I noticed the words 'Sprite-1'. Which reminded me heavily of the ol' primary school days of messing around on Scratch. Upon piecing together the title of the challenge, as well as the description, it was clear that this json file must be from Scratch.

Going to https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/editor/?tutorial=getStarted I loaded up the json file. The program seems to do something when the green flag is clicked. So when clicking it, after a few seconds of amusement, we get our flag: