# what_is_stego (misc)

## Find the hidden flag

Made by me so this is the intended solution, a little bit heavy on the use of programs but that is the steganography-life :)

(for some reason I did this with the windows versions of jphide and jpseek (version 0.51) which does not seem to be compatible with the linux 0.3 version... So I am sorry if you did this right but got garbage at the end!)

It is a jpg file and it mentions stego so lets pick some tool which can handle jpg files.
![alt text](imgs/stegdetect.png "stegdetect")

Ok so it is something hidden inside this image whith jphide so lets try to extract it whith its counterpart program jpseek.
![alt text](imgs/jpseek1.png "jpseek")

Looks like it is password protected... Okay so lets bring out a password cracking program, stegbreak and use rockyou to look for commonly used passwords.

![alt text](imgs/stegbreak.png "stegbreak")

(Stegbreak might crash if it doesn't find a "rules-file" - I have used john the ripper's).
Ok cool it found the password "bananamilkshake" so lets try that with jpseek:

![alt text](imgs/jpseek2.png "final")

Boom flag found!

Original writeup (https://github.com/Grassonion/CTF/blob/master/BTH_CTF_2019/what_is_stego/README.md).