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# Products Manager (Web 100 points)


Source Code in [source](source) directory

## Home Page


The homepage shows the top 5 products present in the database. We see that there are two other options to add a new product and view any product using the product's name and secret.

## Source Code
Lets take a look at the source code. We find an interesting line in db.php
Point to note is that the backend uses MYSQL.

$statement = $db->prepare(
"SELECT name, description FROM products WHERE name = ?"
In the db.php file, we also see that prepared statements are being used. That means sql injection cannot be done. The flag is present in the description of the facebook product.

But 1 important thing to remember when using mysql is that mysql ignores trailing whitespaces when querying.

Checkout the example in the image below


Even the results without the trailing space are being included. We will be using this to our advantage.

## Add Product


Add a trailing space to the name of the product so it gets inserted.


The product will be successfully added.

## View Product


You can use the secret used to create the above new product to get the flag.


Original writeup (https://github.com/networknerd/CTF_Writeups/blob/master/2019/FBCTF_2019/Web/ProductsManager/README.md).