<span>Shitty Security Appliance - 200

</span>This is a challenge written by kajer.  The Challenge was distributed as a 3GB .OVA file.  This .OVA file was a VMware 5.5 export of a "shitty security appliance".

The OVA file will extract out to the typical VMware files needed to run a VM.  The VMDK contains a boot partition and an encrypted system partition.  Off-line analysis is possible if you use /boot/hello.jpg as the LUKS decryption key.  If you did not find this hint, you needed to import the disk to VM player to then run.  You will have needed the "NOTES" section from the OVA template to get the default admin password, of admin.

Once booted the appliance prompts for a login.  Using the admin / admin credentials, you are shown your current license and then prompted that  your license has expired.  You are given the option to delete the old one and enter a new one.