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# bca-craft (125)

## Problem

Yo I made a sic Minecraft adventure MAP! Try it out it's kewler than ur Fortnite gamez!

(This map runs in Minecraft 1.13.2 and above)

(Attachments: files/BCACraft.zip)

## Solution

I don't have a copy of Minecraft, but that's totally fine because I can just look at the data itself.

Let's first unzip it.

$ unzip BCACraft.zip
Archive: BCACraft.zip
creating: BCACraft/
inflating: BCACraft/icon.png
creating: BCACraft/region/
inflating: BCACraft/region/r.0.0.mca
inflating: BCACraft/level.dat
creating: BCACraft/datapacks/
creating: BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/
creating: BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/data/
creating: BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/data/bca/
creating: BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/data/bca/functions/
inflating: BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/data/bca/functions/flag.mcfunction
inflating: BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/pack.mcmeta

There's an interesting file called `BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/data/bca/functions/flag.mcfunction`. Let's go see what that is.

$ cat BCACraft/datapacks/bcacraft/data/bca/functions/flag.mcfunction
tellraw @a ["Hello ", {"selector": "@p", "color": "yellow"}, "! The flag is: ", "b", "c", "a", "c", "t", "f", "{", {"text": "m1n3cr4f7_b347s_f0rtn1t3", "color": "blue", "bold": true, "obfuscated": true, "hoverEvent": {"action": "show_text", "value": {"text": "Good luck! ", "extra": [{"text": "Hint: Where does Minecraft store its worlds?", "color": "dark_gray", "italic": true}]}}}, "}"]

Looks like we've found our flag.