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# CloudMusic_rev WriteUp

Here is 1.0 version writeup:


This challenge is 2.0 version.

Read the webpage source code, find out `#firmware` in `index` page.


`#firmware` page, only admin permitted.


And then reg and login. In my share page, you can see a english song, the others are chinese songs.

This english song is the default song in web music player.

So go to see the source code of `#share`. You can see `/media/share.php?` and `btoa`. It's not difficult to find an arbitrary file read exploit here.


Try to read `../index.php` and visit ``.


It blocks `.php` file. But it gives us a hint, we can use `urlencode` to bypass.


Read the `../index.php` file successfully. We can also read other file.

We have to read the admin password to use `#firmware`.

The exploit is in `/include/upload.php`. It use `/lib/parser.so` to parse the mp3 file we uploaded. It checks the admin password inside `.so`.


We use `IDA` to decompile `/lib/parser.so` file. The exploit is in `read_title` / `read_artist` / `read_album` function which use `strcpy`. We can `off by null` to set `mframe_data` first byte to `0x00`. Then we can read `mem_mpasswd` aka admin password.


Comparing to `1.0 version`, this is a wrong `parser.so`. It uses `strlen` to get the length. `unicode` will not work anymore.

We can make a frame (length: `0x70`), and then upload the mp3 file to get admin password.

The `mp3` file is in `exp.py` script.

We use admin password to login, and visit `#firmware`.



Leak the source code, and read `#firmware` source code.

We can upload a `.so` file here. And guess the filename based on server time.

Finally, load the `.so` file to `rce`.

We can use `__attribute__ ((constructor))` to `rce`.

Just like this:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

char _version[0x130];
char * version = &_version;

__attribute__ ((constructor)) void fun(){
FILE * fp=popen("/usr/bin/tac /flag", "r");
if (fp==NULL) return;
fread(version, 1, 0x100, fp);


Comparing with `1.0` version, there is no `rce` result here.

So we can write the result to `/uploads/firmware/` or `/uploads/music/`.

Our user `www-data` have no permission to read the `/flag` file.

We need to find `suid` program to read the flag. `/usr/bin/tac` have `suid` permission. So we can use it to read the flag.

The payload is `/usr/bin/tac /flag > /var/www/html/uploads/firmware/xxxxx`.

Script to `getflag`, see the `exp.py` file.


Original writeup (https://github.com/De1ta-team/De1CTF2019/tree/master/writeup/web/CloudMusic_rev).