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# **Forensics**
### **Chat - 980**

Confidential information came and went through chat. Find the email of the user who used the chat.

Flag: KorNewbie{email_address}


### **Solution**
Download the given [https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Gfz5e-rwDSz14MWPfhGBfKHqfAjPGVXX](File)

The file contains Windows 10 Virtual Machine which can be imported to VMware or Virtual Box

Since no password has been provided for windows 10 virtual machines, we have to bypass the windows password

After bypassing windows password goto recent files in This PC. we find a Document named "last_pc_login.dat"

Open the file "last_pc_login.dat" and you will find the required email addresss

Original writeup (https://sp0il3rs.github.io/write-ups/#chat).