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# Find the plain

## Task



## Solution

Here I have the network traffic dump. I loaded it to Wireshark and used filter `ftp || ftp-data` as for in the task was said that data was sent with FTP.


Next, I followed the TCP stream and found the password.


Now I need to find the data. So I looked at FTP-DATA packet.


Here I see some Base64 encoded string. Decoding it...


Got the URL.


And now I have the data. But the system won't accept the flag `KorNewbie{root_k459iki6m5j094m2lmkhjmi9527l81ml}`. Seems like I did something wrong. Let's dig some deeper.

Looking at expert information I found this fascinating comment


Ok, now I decrypt the data


The flag must be `KorNewbie{root_d459bdb6f5c094f2efdacfb9527e81fe}`, although I can't check it because the CTF have been paused for a 15 hours by now =)

The flag is actually the cracked boss name concatenated with the ftp password `root`



Original writeup (https://github.com/0awawa0/CTF-Writeups/tree/master/Newbie%20CTF%202019/Find%20the%20plain).