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# Pwn2Win CTF 2019: calc

**Category:** Web
**Points:** 500
**Solves:** 0

> Our researchers found out a web interface used by Sophia to run complex calculations. Can you find a way to get the administrator's cookies?
> The administrator is using HeadlessChrome/79.0.3945.0.

## Write-up

### How it works?

The challenge's website is concise and you don't have much to work on:

1. There is a place to report a link to the administrator (which must be prefixed with - the challenge's IP).
2. There is a `calc` parameter which is being filtered by an external script file (which is same-origin to the challenge's page) and then is being eval'd.
3. There is a `xss` parameter that is being reflected at the end of the body.
4. The server uses a strict CSP, which doesn't allow you to use the injection to do much.

### Digging deeper

By looking into the external script file, it is possible to notice that the `calc` parameter is being filtered as soon as the DOM is loaded and only numbers, +, - are being allowed. The length of characters is also limited to 100.

window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
let regex = /[^0-9\+\-]+/;
if (calc.length > 100) calc = "1337";
calc = calc.replace(/ /g, "+");
if (regex.test(calc)) calc = "1337";
Also, by checking the script on the main page, you can see the parameter is only executed after the page is fully loaded - meaning that it will only be eval'd after the external script has a chance to filter the input it got from the `calc` parameter.

let calc = new URL(location).searchParams.get("calc") || "1337";
onload = () => {

After this assessment, one of the realizations is that if you are able to block the external script from loading, you can execute arbitrary javascript.

### Prior research

There has been some research on the subject of selectively blocking subresources (https://www.reddit.com/r/Slackers/comments/c1mpmq/selectively_blocking_subresources_when_xss/).

But none of these prior researches would work in the context of this challenge.

The intended solution required you to find a way to block subresources that were being loaded after the injection point by only using HTML injection.

### Features created for good (or bad)

Before Chrome 77, it was not possible to do the preload of subresources that did an SRI verification without doing a double download of the same resource.

On Chrome 77, a new feature (https://www.chromestatus.com/feature/4967277059375104) was released which started allowing and honoring the integrity attribute on preload links.

It solved the problem of the double download, but created a new "problem" - if the hash on the integrity attribute doesn't match the real hash of the subresource, it will be blocked from loading :)

### Payload

Knowing that it gets easy to construct a payload that will allow executing arbitrary javascript and stealing the administrator's cookies:


## Flag


## Contact

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on [@lbherrera_](https://twitter.com/lbherrera_)

Original writeup (https://github.com/lbherrera/writeups/tree/master/pwn2win-2019/calc).