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#### New Developer

This was also very easy OSINT challenge.

I checked iamthedeveloper123's repositories list, latest commit by this time was in `bash2018` repo.

So i checked latest commit for which it was 1 commit ahead of parent [f6008f3d67829ad0ab19d029eec6833a196db8d8](https://github.com/iamthedeveloper123/bash2048/commit/f6008f3d67829ad0ab19d029eec6833a196db8d8).

printf "\nYou have lost, better luck next time.\033[0m\n"
source ../dotfiles/.bashrc2
printf "\nYou have lost, try going to https://pastebin.com/$CODE for help!. (And also for some secrets...) \033[0m\n"
Here it was confirmed that the `.bashrc2` file in other repo sets a variable `CODE`. By checking that file [here](https://github.com/iamthedeveloper123/dotfiles/blob/5365d3e99331d2b301dc7a0572afdd78b4c6e2db/.bashrc2#L83), i got value of CODE (`trpNwEPT`) which is the pastebin shorten code. And opeing [https://pastebin.com/trpNwEPT](https://pastebin.com/trpNwEPT) gives us the flag.

Flag: infernoCTF{n3ver_4dd_sen5itv3_7hings_to_y0ur_publ1c_git}