Tags: web 

Rating: 4.5

## Description

http://bamboofox.cs.nctu.edu.tw:8005/ (Backup Server)

Hey, I just learned how to make a web application!

Even though I might create some vulnerabilities, but I bet you'll never get the flag!

The submitted files will be deleted every hour.

## Solution

It seems like you need to create a file and write some code for server.
If you lookup with web source code, you can find somthing below:


Then you can try to link "http://bamboofox.cs.nctu.edu.tw:8005/myfirstweb/index.php?op=nav&link=hint", and find out the hint "Flag is in ../flag.txt".

That's all, see "http://bamboofox.cs.nctu.edu.tw:8005/flag.txt" to get the flag. ^_^


Original writeup (https://github.com/MacacaHub/CTF-writeups/tree/master/BambooFoxCTF2019/Web%20Newbie).